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Corrosion Control Services utilise three unique technologies to combat corrosion on board

 Rust Stabalisers           
Corroless Rust Stabilisers dramatically reduce the need for expensive surface preparation.

Combing advanced anti-corrosion technology with over 40 years practical experience, Corroless Rust Stabilisers are specially-formulated to penetrate pitted and corroded substrates. They contain an active anti-corrosion pigment which stabilises rust by an electro-chemical reaction, into the inert oxide of iron, magnetite.

Reinforce finishes         
Corroless Reinforced Finishes are used in conjunction with Corroless Rust Stabilisers to provide a tough, durable finish that protects the steel substrate against chemical and abrasive damage.

Corroless Reinforced Finishes contain millions of hardened borosilicate glassflakes which self-leaf and laminate upon application to form a continuous barrier to the hostile marine environment.

Corrosion Inhibitors         
Corroless Corrosion Inhibitors vapourise and migrate to metal surfaces to form a monomolecular film which excludes oxygen and moisture from the metal substrate.

This interrupts the corrosion cycle to form a protective barrier between the substrate and the environment.


CCI Technology summary and Overview of Technical data


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Last modified: 03/01/07